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You've probably heard some rumors about CrossFit. What some of us do may look and sound intimidating. Come experience what you haven't heard, that it's life fit educating. Join us for a class and meet our members, see and hear firsthand testimonials about their training experience, and continuous fitness journey with our coaching staff and community.

Our system ensures that your training from day one, no matter what your fitness or experience level will be programmed and coached in a small group enviroment, yet will address each individuals goals towards achieving an optimal level of fitness and or athleticism.

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Our workouts vary day to day, yet are a continuous set of checks and balances to ensure proper development of movement, skill, and function toward purpose of gain, and maintenance at all levels of physical and sport specific training.

IT'S NOT JUST A WORKOUT, IT'S A LIFESTYLE, not limited to age, body type or fitness level. A daily prescription for transforming the body, mind and spirit. Our training is scaled and customized for anyone. The beginner, those experienced, the athlete, including you. Let us assess the matter regarding what limiting factor you've been told or think you have for not getting started. Our experienced coaches are yours at no cost, register for a free class, or email for private or semi-private consultation.

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With no experience necessary, begin your journey with life altering coaching and a supportive community of people and athletes that started right where you are now. Schedule your free assessment training by phone call or email, and or join us for a free class, just click sign up.

We have workout options designed for your fitness, age, and ability level. If you are new to CrossFit, or have experience, contact us to join a free class and or schedule a free session with one of our trainers to cover some fundamental training points and suggestions that will maximize your efforts towards attaining your fitness or athletic goals. After your assessment training session, and or class we offer as an introductory rate, 1 month of unlimited training, including 3 fundamental sessions if needed for $99.00.

*Contact us for any schedule and class accommodations needed.

3 CrossFit Fundamental Sessions with 1 Month of Unlimited Training



3 instruction and training sessions covering the basic foundational movements of CrossFit, and 1 month of unlimited training.


Check the WOD page daily for any schedule or event changes.

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Location & Contact

Crossfit BMW is located in the Riverside/Warehouse District just south of Jefferson, on the corner of Woodbridge and Jos Campau.

2909 Woodbridge

Detroit, MI 48207

Detroit's Physical Education Department.

Phone: (313) 452-8294


Twitter: @crossfitbmw