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Why Compete?

Testing your performance in a competitive setting is the same as pushing your fitness training to the next level. While working out in the same space and time as others, whom may push you to perform better, and faster, you ultimately are competing with yourself, comparing your performances with previous performances.

Prove something to yourselves, take advantage of the CFBMW enviornment, in which your community will be side by side working hard on their goals and at the same time cheering you on and supporting every step of the way. No matter what your fitness level is, get ready to do what you came to do and make progress.

You may not have the same goal as someone you’re working out next to.
If you do or don’t have a goal, make sure showing up and getting through it is number one on the list. The main goal is to get better every week, thats a win, those are the points that matter, score that.

CFBMW community and local competitions allow you to push your limits and measure your abilities to set and reestablish current goals.
Stive week after week, month after month the get where you want to be and maintain it!