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1: Fill out online waiver

New members must fill out the ONLINE WAIVER HERE before signing up for any class or membership options.

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If you’re new to CrossFit, email and schedule your first session, and we will contact you to get you started in a fundamental class or one of our regular training classes. If you have CrossFit experience, sign up for a free class below.

3: Sign Up or Contact us for personal training

Your first month will only be $99.00. Capitalizing on your investment, you will have the opportunity to decide if CrossFit BMW is the right training environment for you. All new members are required to take the 3 fundamental classes included in the month of unlimited training, which can be scheduled as soon as you let our staff know you want to join. Contact for personal training or 313-452-8294

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4: After your introductory month of training with us become a member.

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5: Contact us for individualized instruction or personal training

Contact or phone 313-452-8294.